Aussiespeed 2x4 Dual Quad intake manifold Chevy inline 6 cylinder 250 292

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Chevy inline 6 cylinder dual quad intake manifold by Aussiespeed, We have married 2 parts together to give you a super cool induction set up for your Chevy L6 engine. With 2 small CFM carbs and some tuning you can have the mildest or the wildest engine running this induction. as0038-as0238-top The intake manifold can be purchased together or separate, The AS0139 has the same bolt pattern as a Weiand 142/144 supercharger and uses a standard Weiand supercharger base gasket. as0139-flat The top can accept Holley and Quick Fuel squarebore style carbs either mounted in front to back or sideways. as0139-underside The base is drilled to match up to Aussiespeed and Weiand 142/144 supercharger manifolds. as0139-2x4-quickfuels Note front to back carb mounting can note be done with carbs with a secondary metering block. as0038-top The AS0038 Chevy inline manifold fits L6 engines from 230, 250 and 292 cubic inches. as0451-fitted Optional manifold to engine mounting strut can be fitted and the intake manifold is pre drilled to accept the strut. For 230 and 250 CI engines use AS0451-220 and 292 engines AS0451-245.